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The Incredible Shrinking Dickies

At last this cult album is back again, the original Incredible Shrinking Dickies performing the songs that made them one of the best punk bands around, favorite tracks are "eve of destruction" and "banana splits"

Track Listings
1. Give it back
2. Poodle party
3. Paranoid
4. She
5. Shadow man
6. Mental ward
7. Eye of distruction
8. You drive me ape (you big gorilla)
9. Waterslide
10. Walk like an egg
11. Curb job
12. Shake and Bake
13. Rondo (The midgets revenge)
14. I'm ok, you're ok
15. Silent night
16. Sounds of Silence
17. Banana splits
18. Hideous
19. Got it at the store

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